Friday, June 8, 2012

A Greener Cleaner!

As I'm sure most of you know, with kids around I feel like I am CONSTANTLY reaching for a bottle of cleaner and a rag to tackle a spill, a sticky counter, or a grimy high chair tray.  I have tried to find a greener option (especially when using it on surfaces that come in contact with food), and recently decided to try Mrs. Meyers Countertop spray.  I love the scent, but don't love the price tag ($4.75 for 16 oz.), or the huge ingredient list for an "all natural" product!

Crazy long list of ingredients!!!

So, after doing some research online, I decided to make my own cleaner!  Everything I read talked about the cleaning and disinfecting properties of vinegar, but I truly HATE the smell of vinegar. :(  Then I got the idea to use fresh herbs to scent my cleaner while still keeping it all natural!

My mom and I planted a pretty awesome little herb garden this year, so I went out and picked a variety of yummy smelling herbs.  I used: sweet basil, purple basil, lemon verbena, and mint, but you can really use any combination that you like.  First, I chopped the herbs to make them easier to fit into the bottle.  Then, I added 10 oz. of white vinegar and 10 oz. of water (you can make what ever amount you want, just do equal parts water and vinegar).  Put all of the ingredients into a spray bottle (I got mine at Dollar General for $1.50), gently shake -- you can let your kiddos help with this part :), and you're done!  I have found the the smell has gotten better now that the herbs have had a little more time to mingle with the vinegar mixture.  It isn't *QUITE* as perfect smelling as Mrs. Meyers, but it is totally natural and super cheap (about $2 for 20 oz. INCLUDING the bottle!).  Can't get much better than that! :)

My little helper "shaking it up" :)

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  1. I stopped by because Mia @ Chronicles of Chaos said you were awesome, and I wanted to come check you out! I would say she has great taste : ) Anyways, I love the idea to add the fresh herbs and such to the vinegar. I was using it to clean everything at the beginning of the year, but like you , I hated the smell... and then I found out it can corrode your pipes. I switched to an all natural pH balanced cleaner called basic H, and I LOVE it! Oprah has mentioned it on her show, and they say there are 1000 uses for it. I'm not to 1000 yet, but I feel like I'm getting there! I even use it to give my kids a bath, and it has gotten rid of their eczema! If you'd like to find out more, come on over to my blog Figuring it Out as we Grow, and send me a message.