Monday, July 16, 2012

My New Retreat

Ever since moving into my house in March 2011, my bedroom has been the only room that I haven't really done anything to.  My priority was the girls' bedrooms and the main rooms that are seen in the house.  My room tends to be where everything gets put when I don't know what else to do with it or I don't want anyone to see it.  When I do a super quick "clean-up," things tend to get thrown in my room and the door is usually kept shut to hide the clutter.  I also have had the same bedroom furniture, which was hand-me-downs from a family friend, ever since moving out of my childhood bedroom.  Needless to say, I was WAY overdue for some new stuff!  I had been trying to decide what I wanted to do for a while now.  I have always really like the super-girly "Shabby Chic" look, but could never do that when I was married because, well, it was too girly.  Now that it is MY room, I figured I should go for it!  Pretty much my whole house is full of girly stuff so as the queen of this castle it just seems right that my bedroom should be the girliest of all! :)  My biggest problem was the lack of a very big budget to spend on my room.  I ended up finding my bed on for a very reasonable price.  I purchased the chest, night stands, and bench used from a friend who is moving overseas, and made all of the decor out of stuff I already had or purchased from Joann's or Hobby Lobby on sale.  I already had the bedding, which I purchased from Kohl's when I first bought my house.  Overall I am very pleased with my new retreat!  If I close the door and block out the sounds of children bickering, I can almost pretend I'm in a fancy hotel room... ALMOST. :)

My major D.I.Y. project in the room.  I wanted a place to hang necklaces to keep them from getting tangled.  I bought an unfinished shelf from Hobby Lobby for $15.  Put a coat of spray paint in "Ballet Slipper" on it, and then glued some girly scrapbook paper onto the front to give it that "Shabby Chic" feel I was going for.  Overall I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out!

So in love with my new bed!!! :)

Love this wall decal that I got from Joann's!  It's kind of hard to see, but it says "In the gentle depths of the soul, everyone deserves to feel beautiful."


  1. so cute!!

    my room was always the last one looking nice every time i moved into a new house :oD

    love your blog!

    smooches from germany,

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can I please hire you to be my interior decorator? Our bedroom is the same way - catch-all for all the junk in our house and we always keep the door shut, too. I really need to do a project like this. Thanks for sharing! :) -Mia

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