Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday!

Hello blog world!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  We went to a friend's 1st birthday party on Saturday, then went swimming and to Carl's ice cream yesterday.  Fun times.  So far today I have gotten in my first workout in at least 2 weeks (yes, I realize that for exercise to actually work you must do it more often than once every 2 weeks), taken the girls outside to play, cleaned up (a.k.a. threw away) my flowers dead carcasses of flowers from the pots on my deck, and attempted to read a few blogs that I follow while being used as a human jungle gym by my 17 month old!  And it's not even 11a.m.!  Well, I'm pretty sure the screams I'm hearing from the other room mean my kids are killing one another, so I guess I better wrap it up for now!  Happy monday! :)

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