Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Black Binky Hole

It occured to me last night that there must be a giant black hole somewhere that sucks in pacifiers! I will have a basket full of them on my counter one day, and the next day they are all gone. Some people might think this is insignificant, but at approximately $3 a pop they get expensive! We have those cute little clips that attach the paci to an outfit or bib when we are out of the house, but now that Sophia is crawling they don't work so well because the pacifier ends up dragging on the ground - ICK! Also, those don't work at night because I am afraid that they are a choking hazard. I bought a pack of pacifiers that glow in the dark so that you can find them at night, but that turned out to be a waste of money because for 1) they only "glow" for about 15 minutes before losing their charge (I guess they are solar powered?!?), and 2) the fact that they glow doesn't help much when they have completely vanished!!! So, back to my theory that there is a black hole full of all of the pacifiers that babies have lost. Maybe I will become super-rich one day when I discover this hole and start saving parents hundreds of dollar. :)

***Inspired by my "Black Hole Theory," I did a Google search and found this picture. I guarantee that some of Sophia's binkies are in that pile somewhere! ;)

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