Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are my thoughts for today:
~ I hate cloudy/rainy days.
~ My hands are so cold that I think I need to wear gloves while I work!
~ I am extremely unmotivated to do anything productive today.
~ Only 19 more days until Christmas! (YAY!)
~ Only 19 more days unitl Christmas! (YIKES!)
~ I miss my baby girls while I am at work.
~ I'm dressed like a cowgirl today for school spirit week (see pic.).
~ I haven't a clue what to make for dinner tonight...
~ I really need to finish decorating for Christmas.
~ I love Quaker Chewy Dips Granola Bars! In fact, I'm eating one now. :)
~ I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do.
~ I'm praying for my Grandmother's mind to hold out a bit longer... :(
~ I'm sure I'll add more tidbits later...


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